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As Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Agriculture, “To produce information and services with universal values, taking into account local resources and needs; Agricultural Engineers and Landscape Engineers, equipped to respond to the needs of the public and private sectors, by using the high education quality, research infrastructure and R&D capacity updated in harmony with the requirements of the age and the world" and the vision of "to be accepted at the global level with our power stemming from our student-centered understanding and our interdisciplinary working principle". To train architects; developing sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly technologies and promoting their use; Our faculty, which was established with the mission of "putting the information and technologies produced in cooperation with the manufacturer and industry to the service of its stakeholders"; It undertakes important tasks in raising the qualified manpower needed by the business world by providing our students with knowledge, skills, behaviors and the habit of working together in their own fields.

We make great efforts to help our students become individuals who adopt contemporary and universal principles, have high knowledge and skills, and prepare for life. In our faculty, education continues in 4 departments, namely Horticulture, Plant Protection, Field Crops and Landscape Architecture. In order to ensure that our students grow up in line with the expectations of the job market, education and training; We have arranged it according to the 7+1 model.

Within the framework of this model, our students; 

• Taking lessons at our school for 7 semesters,

• In 1 semester, it is trained by practicing in enterprises.   

In this way, our students have the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge and experience gained during their education and to improve their skills through practical training in public/private institutions and organizations.

Dear young people, you are the new faces of the modern age. You will shape the future. For this reason, it is extremely important for you, your family and your country to make good use of the opportunities provided to you. You have to be successful to meet your expectations and the expectations of the people who trust you. You can achieve success by working regularly and efficiently. I sincerely believe in your success and wish you success in your education and learning life.


Prof. Dr. Taki DEMİR