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Plant Protection Department General Introduction

Head Of Department


Prof. Dr. Salih KARABÖRKLÜ

0 264 616 13 51


Student Quota

 30 (I. Teaching)


Point Type

Higher Education Institutions Exam Field Proficiency Test (Digital)


Education Time

4 Year (8 Semester)


Education Language



Graduation Title

Agricultural Engineer


MUYS Management System

7 Semester Theoretical Education - 1 Semester Workplace Practice Training


2021 Year Placement Student Ceiling, Base Points and Rank

Ceiling Points

Ceiling Success Order

Base Points

Base Order Of Success







1- About Our Department

In the Plant Protection Department, our students take theoretical courses for seven semesters and a workplace practice course for one semester, in accordance with the 7+1 system. Plant Protection Department; It is a discipline that covers all technical and legal measures aimed at combating harmful insects, diseases and weeds that cause problems in cultivated plants and agricultural products obtained from them and to minimize the damage that may arise from these factors. Plant Protection Department consists of 2 Departments, Entomology and Phytopathology. Entomology from these departments; General Entomology, Nematology and Acarology; Phytopathology is; Theoretical and applied training and researches are given in the study subjects of different sub-disciplines such as Mycology, Herbology, Virology and Bacteriology.


2- Why Should It Be Preferred?

In the face of the rapidly increasing world population, the importance of agriculture for the nutrition of the human population is increasing. For this purpose, it is necessary to make the right struggle against harmful insects, diseases and weeds that cause losses in agricultural production by using the most suitable and advanced methods. Sakarya province, located in the Marmara Region of our country, has the potential to grow a wide range of products thanks to its geographical location. In the province of Sakarya, where our faculty is located, plant protection applications can be made easily by using modern techniques, the agricultural production potential of the region is high, our faculty brings students and the private sector together with the +1 education system, and thanks to the education provided, the students are given the ability to produce rational and practical solutions to the problems encountered. It is aimed that the students of the Plant Protection Department of the Faculty of Agriculture of SUBU graduate as well-equipped Agricultural Engineers by following the constantly developing knowledge, technology and research.


3- Goal

The main purpose of our department is; Agricultural sector, which is constantly developing, contributes to the solution of plant protection problems, primarily at the regional and national level, produces knowledge at international level, provides its employees with the ability to solve problems with contemporary methods, and enables its graduates to do their job at the international level as well as at home, together with contemporary and quality education. and to train Agricultural Engineers who are graduates of Plant Protection Department who are sensitive to the environment. In line with this purpose, by evaluating the potential of the students at the highest level with various courses and practices in the Undergraduate Plant Protection education, to provide education in the field of Plant Protection, to bring and introduce new techniques and applications to the region, to work in cooperation with the producer, public and private sector to solve potential problems scientifically and practically. to produce solutions.


4- Target

As Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Agriculture Department of Plant Protection, our main goal is to follow the plant protection problems in our country, especially in our region, and in the world, to produce the fastest and most effective solutions against these problems, to observe with an analytical and rational point of view, and to take the necessary measures when necessary. To train Agricultural Engineers above the standards.


5- Education Opportunities

The Department of Plant Protection provides undergraduate education and there are three faculty members, one Professor and two Doctors, and the personnel responsible for the administrative affairs of the Department. Faculty members of our department have professional experience in their fields and have signed many national and international studies.


6- Laboratory Facilities

Department laboratories are equipped with equipment and chemical materials. There are computer laboratories with biotechnology, tissue culture and stereo microscopes that are open to the common use of all departments created by our Rectorate. It is possible to carry out many studies needed for Plant Protection in these laboratories.


7- Course Contents

While preparing the course ECTS and contents of our department, preparations are made by considering the course contents of domestic and foreign Agricultural Faculties. Teaching-learning methods and strategies are chosen to increase students' skills such as self-study, lifelong learning, observation, teaching, presentation, critical thinking, teamwork, and effective use of informatics. In addition, care is taken to ensure that the teaching style supports students with different abilities.


8- Competencies Students Should Have When Choosing The Program

Being sensitive to the environment, interested in agricultural issues, being able to think analytically, numerical competencies, individual and environmental awareness, empathy, recognizing the deficiencies and developing solutions to problems, developing designs and projects, having initiative and entrepreneurial spirit, having a fighting spirit, reading and learning. to enjoy learning new things, to be open to innovations and change, to follow innovations, to be interested in current developments in this sector in today's world.


9- Programs Applicable For Diameter (Double Major)





10- Programs To Apply For A Minor





11- Countries For Education And Internship Mobility Within The Scope Of Erasmus

Our Plant Protection Department students will be able to apply to open programs through Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Erasmus Coordinatorship.


12- Countries For Education And Internship Mobility Within The Scope Of The Farabi Exchange Program

Through Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Farabi Coordinatorship, Plant Protection Department students will be able to apply to open programs.


13- Countries For Education And Internship Mobility Within The Scope Of Mevlana

Through Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Mevlana Coordinatorship, Plant Protection Department students will be able to apply to open programs.


14- Working Areas Of Graduate Students

Graduates of our department; To be able to find job opportunities in public institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Affairs, Universities, Banks, Municipalities, Pharmaceutical Companies, Agricultural Enterprises, Agricultural Cooperatives. In addition, using their entrepreneurship, they can open their own private businesses in areas such as agricultural production, consultancy, pesticide dealerships.


15- Competencies Graduate Students Will Have

Our students who have successfully completed and graduated from the Plant Protection Department;

- Have a Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Engineering.

- They learn the basic concepts about Agricultural Engineering and Plant Protection and gain the ability to synthesize this information.

- They have the ability to identify, recognize and solve the problems encountered in the areas of plant production and product warehousing.

- Gain awareness on issues such as sustainable agriculture, protection of environment and natural resources, preservation of biological diversity and plant gene resources,

- Will be able to evaluate the information learned with an analytical and critical approach,

- Adopt the necessity of lifelong learning,

- Will have knowledge of the legislation and management systems related to agricultural engineering,

- Will have the competence to make, implement, manage and monitor plans and projects in the field of Agricultural Engineering.


 8 Click Here To View The Course Plans You Will See During The Semester